White Oak Barrel


Buttery wet oak

Kola nut


Creamy dry vanilla

Orange blossom

Cream soda

Toasted oak


This exquisite flavor profile is achieved through a blend of rums aged for 12 years in white oak barrels previously used as bourbon barrels.

The 12 years old LAMPERT RUM truly captures the essence of patience, passion, perseverance and triumph. Aromas of buttery wet oak, kola nut and pistachio lead to creamy dry vanilla, orange blossom, dried fruit and toffee before a subtle hint of anise.

On the palate, a balanced coconut shell attack walks the fine line between sweet and dry as it cascades through cream soda, dark fruit, vanilla custard, toasted oak and coconut shell before showing dry, toasted wood with a hint of anise. The palate remains well balanced on the long finish.

We suggest to pair this rum with a LAMPERT 1675 Edicion AZUL cigar.