LAMPERT RUM will be imported in Europe by LAMPERT LLC.

LAMPERT CIGARS + RUM enters, as a first step, with its own rum the European market.

The origin of the rum is Panama, a country that is known for its excellent rums. Currently, Lampert LLC offers two types of rums. A 7 years old rum and a 12 years old rum.

The 7 years old rum is aged in white oak barrels. Complex profile with caramelized notes of brown sugar, bourbon, and vanilla. Full body with a smooth, pleasing finish. This rum is ideal for beginners who want to enter the world of rum.

The 12 years old rum is aged in white oak whiskey barrels. Aromas of buttery wet oak, cola nut and pistachio lead to creamy dry vanilla, orange blossom, dried fruits, and toffee over creamy vanilla before a subtle hint of anise.

As of now, the distribution will take place in Europe only. However, LAMPERT LLC invites importers and distributors from all over the world to import and distribute the LAMPERT rum in their countries.

LAMPERT CIGARS + RUM was established in 2019 and is considered a boutique cigar and rum brand.

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LAMPERT RUM expands its distribution in Europe and launches its rum in Slovakia.


LAMPERT RUM will be distributed by The Taste Port Gothenburg AB.